Metal Etching




MET NanoSlic Gold Coating

We have a new sprayed on baked on coating called NanoSlic Gold. We are currently offering a no charge sample to all of our new, and existing customers. Using advanced polymer chemistry, this coating has been developed to address the increasing demands to print small features, and reduce rework costs confronting the electronics assembly industry. The coating is applied using a proprietary process which permanently coats both the underside of the stencil and aperture walls. This coating technology is highly hydrophobic and oleophobic, providing superior paste release and allowing more print cycles between cleaning.

The benefits are numerous and include:

        Increased paste transfer efficiency

        Reduced stencil underside cleaning

        Consistent print from board-to-board

        Highly robust and durable

Please let us know if you have a challenging design, or would like to try it for free on your next stencil.



MET Nano Coating

MET Nano Coating is a fluxophobic stencil coating technology that cost-effectively enhances stencil performance. An important new technology designed to meet the challenges of increasingly smaller aperture size, nano coating from MET has been shown to reduce cleaning frequency, provide a cleaner print and optimize solder release.